FOR A DAUGHTER OF THE FUTURE - don't be afraid, you are safe

May 9, 2017 03:00 PM

"Darling baby girl,

Know that you are safe in my arms,
You also will be safe in this world.
It isn't what it used to be
Men have claimed their hearts now baby,
They won't hurt you,
They won't see you as means to an end,
Magazines, media, internet don't have no power over their minds
Their divine hearts have risen beyond.

They are so loving and warm with their hearts wide open, 
They will care for your little lovely self,
And protect you when you become a beautiful women one day. 
The beauty in your childish smile, 
The beauty in your thoughts, 
The beauty in the kindness, your actions, your words
You do and Speak.

Because baby, 
Beauty isn't skin deep. 
It is soul deep.

Those days, men didn't know any better,
and women too.

Now - See that man in the street as your protector, 
Your soul brother. 
Using his strength and masculinity to protect your gentle self. 
Loving You, 
Loving the future nurturer one day you will be. 
Bringing forth a divine gift to the physicality.

And today, 
Your sisters aren't competing against each other. 
No longer separated..
We are strong together, 
Supporting, Loving, Healing, Nurturing each other.

We have come a long way, 
But baby girl, my wonder, know that you are safe. 
In my arms, and in this world.

Because we aren't who we used to be. 
We have taken back our hearts. 
We See each other. 
Beyond the skin, the bones and the flesh.

And what a ride it has been...."


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