Who are Soul Mates?

May 23, 2017 03:22 PM

How to recognize some one from you soul family? 

-1st sign is that you feel comfortable! 

-You can talk for hours, it feels natural and the flow of energy from one another is very comforting. There is always the Love energy to bounce back from. 

-They see into your being deeply. 

- Connection (verbally, or even can be recognized by writing) is instant. 

- You feel as though you know this person from before (and it is likely that you have met in another life time before)! 

- Their touch, their prescence is comforting, and perhaps even intoxicatingly attractive! 

- Some soul groups contain similar personality traits; For example it can be attention to detail, obsessive compulsive traits or perfectionnist traits, wanting to serve together, In call for a great purpose..

How do you do better tune into recognizing a soul brother or soul sister? 

-Connect to your own heart to attune to vibrations. 

Method of connecting to heart is very simple. You can keep both hands on your heart chakra and feel your heart. Breath into your heart chakra. I might do video on this method. 

Soul relationships can be difficult! Why? 

-Soul relationships are mostly unconditional love based relationships. When one person is projecting unconditional love towards you, it can lead to surfacing of many issues that are hiding. Issues of self-love or self-worth, financial scarcities, dissatisfaction on your own life, past abandonment issues, past hurt, loss...etc. 

When these issues are brought to surface, it takes commitment to work through them together, or individually. It requires conscious effort in both parties. 

-Popping up of Ego: Ego is something we all work with. When the Ego pops up, it can make things more difficult if the two people don't know how to bend, apologize when needed, work on the issues and move through. As long as they are able to stay flexible, soul relationships can grow and be very satisfying and nurturing energetically! 

Is putting up with soul mates worth it? 

In my opinion, putting up with soul mates can be difficult, but can be still very worth it. However, It is up to you to decide! Specially when there are issues to resolve in both parties. Ultimately you can decide if you are wanting to continue this relationship depending on the Love and Learning it is bringing you! We all have the free will to choose. We can choose to end any relationships that no longer serves for each others greater good. It doesn't mean because you ended your soul relationship with that person, they will be left alone. They too can explore and find other members of the tribe or they can find fulfillment through work, social life etc. Also, when both are in better places, so to speak, spiritually, you might get re-connected again! Giving each other time is important to heal and to grow. Send them away with Love if you have to. Never hold a grudge against a Soul Mate (this is because it is very energetically similar to having a grudge against your own self. It will be very detrimental to your well-being as well as the other). 

Soul family members come in all sizes, shapes and genders. They are your heart/energetic/soul tribe. If they are spiritually mature to understand the nature of the relationship, these relationship will likely last your whole life time. Specially when both have moved away from Ego and social constructs of what one should/shouldn't do. I hope you all get to experience the depth of these wonderful relationships! Also remember they are not always romantic ones, though it can certainly be guided that way because of the intense love for eachother ;) 


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