Mind - Body - Spirit

May 1, 2017 11:05 AM

To achieve total well-being, inter-workings of each of these components are important.

Why would that be?

Mind - Is our thinking faculty, our brain. We use our mind to make sense of our surroundings, our emotions, feelings. We use our minds to analyze, to plan and to achieve.

Spirit - This is our soul center, this is where we connect to the divine and receive vibrational information. By attuning to your spirit, your feelings, energetic messages that you have developped your awareness to, you are able to access information that you can Use your Mind to make sense with.

Body - Our vehicle to have this human experience. To see, to feel, to touch, to taste, this body is a great vehicle that carries our spirit & mind. It will help us to create greater things in the world & Serve.

These three components are holy and a miracle that carries forth the universal force; unconditional love. Think about how our bodies work so well, always trying to repair the broken pieces, giving us unconditional love, despite us not giving it the best nutrition or care. That is the power of universal love flowing through our bodies.

So in order to achieve total balance - the well being and Usage of ALL THREE components is important.

Just being dependant on spirit is not balance, because we need our minds to think, to analyze our feelings, to identify patterns and to break them to move forward. And it goes without saying the importance of having a healthy body; to live a long, pain free, properous life.

Be well, Be healthy, Be balanced,


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